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Shildon - June 2023
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As usual we held an exhibition at the Locomotion Museum at Shildon on June 10/11th 2023. Here is a second selection of photos from that show.

Pictures from Locomotion at Shildon - June 2023 (2)

High resolution versions of the photos are also available to view or download if desired. In most browsers clicking on a thumbnail, will make that image stay on the webpage and you can then click on the link to get the high resolution version.

At the bottom of the page there is a video showing some of the models at this exhibition. (N.B. the same video is also on page 1 of this exhibition's photo gallery).

Tip - You may find it better to view the pictures in 'full screen' mode - For most browsers F11 will toggle this on and off.

Video of our Locomotion Exhibition

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