North Eastern Meccano Society

Virtual "Darlington" - October 2020 (Page 1)

The club should have held an exhibition at Darlington on October 24th 2020. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus epidemic this (together with all our other exhibitions and meetings) have been cancelled. We therefore decided to again put on a 'virtual' exhibition to allow members to display the models they would normally have displayed at Darlington. Twenty members have entered this virtual exhibition and photos of their models are spread over two pages on this website.

The models here are an interesting lot. Some are brand new, and having there first exposure here. Others are older models which have not been seen for some years and all shades in between. We hope that you enjoy them.

A random selection of models from this 'Virtual Exhibition' appear at the top of this page, but they can all be seen over the two pages of photo galleries.

In addition some of our members have provided videos of their models working. These videos can be seen further down the page.


High resolution versions of the photos are also available to view or download if desired. In most browsers clicking on a thumbnail, will make that image stay on the webpage and you can then click on the link to get the high resolution version.

Tip - You may find it better to view the pictures in 'full screen' mode - For most browsers F11 will toggle this on and off.

Select A Video

Robot Man by Alex Robson

Fork Lift by Alex Robson

Double Beam Pumping Engine by Barry Richardson

Centipede by David Owst

Centipede mechanism by David Owst

The video can go full screen by pressing the bottom right hand icon on the video display window.